Symbols of The Bushrangian Order

The Black and Yellow Colour Scheme

The Black and Yellow Colour Scheme is taken and inspired from the convict uniforms used in Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania), a place where Anglo-Celtic men and women were sent as slave labour with little opportunity to return to their people, in order to fill the pockets of tyrants.

A reminder of where we come from, our history in this land, and foundational purpose for The Bushrangian Order’s existence.

The Broken Pheon (Broad Arrow-Head)

The Pheon was an artistic representation of a Broad Arrow-Head, it was used to mark property of The Crown and specific underlying organisations. It was printed on the clothes of convicts sent to Australia. The Broken Pheon is designed to symbolise the removal of the Broad Arrow, and invoke a sense of independence and sovereignty, just as was sought by the Bushranger Bolters of old.

Kelly Gang Armour

The Kelly Gang Armour is representative of Brotherhood and the martial nature of our ancestors and venerated ones. Reminding us that there is no life without conflict and death; as human beings, we will always need to fight to survive, thus we encourage the strengthening of knowledge and skills to support our fight to survive.

The Eternal Cycle

The Eternal Cycle is made up of an interconnected circle and infinity symbol. Representing our beliefs about the forever cyclical nature of life and existence.

The Noose and Bullet

The Noose and Bullet, is a representation of martial sacrifice of some of our ancestors and venerated ones, as they were the methods used in the murder of those who sought to be free of the tyrants who wished to enslave and exploit them.

The Symbol of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)

The Symbol of MGTOW, is a representation of the awakening of minds to the realities of our existence, our society, and our decision to no longer go down the same road but to create a different path, one that we hope will give us a better future.

The Symbol has been combined with The Kelly Gang Helmet specifically the eye slot to form a dead-end, further representing our belief that we can see the end of our civilisation thus another reminder of why we are doing what we are doing.